The Top 5 Accessories Worn by Female Actresses

The Top 5 Accessories Worn by Female Actresses in movies 2015

Celebs like Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian are known for their sexy outfits and super cute styles. As a fan, you can get the best fashion tips and tricks by watching what the stars wear. When it comes to accessories, these are five must-have items that female celebs are wearing!

1. The Perfect Bra Case

Don’t be a square by keeping your phone, chapstick and ID in your pocket when you go out. You need a personal bra case to help secure your bras when you travel. So check out these bra travel cases for more information. Check out all the photos of your favorite celebs on their nights out, and you’ll see that almost all of them have fabulous clutches by their sides.

2. Retro Vintage Shades for Every Occasion

Everyone needs a great pair of shades, and celebs are all lining up to get on the vintage sunglasses bandwagon. It all started with aviators, and now you can see cat eye shades and round shades coming back as well!

3. Floppy Hats

The days of fake bakes are gone, but keeping your skin protected and out of the harmful UV rays from the sun is definitely in! And that makes the floppy hat the perfect accessory for any girl. If it’s summer and you’re heading to the beach, you’ll need a straw floppy to look chic and cool. For cooler climates, the wool version is just as cute and appropriate. Check out these floppy hats.

4. Oversized Watches

For a while, celebs were wearing small watches, but the in look today is a watch too big for your arm! In other words, head to the men’s section when you buy your next time piece. The bigger and bolder the watch, the better.

5. Scarves

Scarves are tried and true, and they’ve been popular with your favorite female celebrities even clothing while pregnant for decades. But that doesn’t mean they’re not still relevant! You can always spot a star with a darling scarf around her neck or draping her shoulders at an event.

In the end, remember that celebrity style is something you can look at and either choose to like or dislike. You ultimately decide the accessories you like and the styles you want to wear. So use celebs as a caliber for what’s in and what’s hot, but don’t forget that something is not necessarily right for your unique style just because you saw a celeb wearing it!