Baby Clothes of the Celebrities

Cute Winter Clothes for Babies

It is important to keep babies bundled up warm in the winter, in order to protect them against the elements. Dressing a newborn can be a challenge for any new parent. Moms and dads should look for winter clothing items that are interesting and fun for little ones. The right clothing can make getting dressed fun and easy even on the coldest of days.

Don’t overdress your baby, or wrap them in too many layers of blankets. While it is true that a baby does need to be dressed snugly to protect them from the cold, many new parents overdress their babies. It is possible to dress a baby too warmly. This will leave the little one too warm resulting in crankiness.

Try layering clothing in the fall and winter. Choose a t-shirt with a sweater over it. Tights can be a great winter staple for little ones. Tights easily compliment many outfits and are cute with winter boots. Select soft natural fabrics like cotton.

Choose cute mittens whenever you must take the baby out into the cold weather. Mittens are wonderful for babies; they keep little hands warm and cozy. Choose mittens that have a comfortable soft lining inside. Also choose a weather resistant mitten, such as nylon, if possible.

Pick a stylish winter hat for your little one. Have fun with cute hats. Choose styles that complement the baby’s other outfits. There are so many different colors and styles of hats to choose from, have fun with it. Choose a knit hat with mittens to match. This makes an adorable combination for cold weather. If possible, pick a hat that ties or attached under the chin, otherwise it will get lost easily. The attachment should not be too tight, rather it should be soft and comfortable.

A winter coat is necessary to keep a baby warm. Make sure that it is very thick and insulated. A cute mini snowsuit can be a good investment for a baby. A warm fleece hoodie is another great piece of versatile clothing for a baby. Warm fleece hoodies can keep baby warm in fall weather when a larger coat or snowsuit isn’t yet needed.

Following these tips will help a new mom or dad find cute, adorable clothing for their little one that will also keep the baby warm and snuggly all winter long.

The Top 5 Accessories Worn by Female Actresses

The Top 5 Accessories Worn by Female Actresses in movies 2015

Celebs like Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian are known for their sexy outfits and super cute styles. As a fan, you can get the best fashion tips and tricks by watching what the stars wear. When it comes to accessories, these are five must-have items that female celebs are wearing!

1. The Perfect Bra Case

Don’t be a square by keeping your phone, chapstick and ID in your pocket when you go out. You need a personal bra case to help secure your bras when you travel. So check out these bra travel cases for more information. Check out all the photos of your favorite celebs on their nights out, and you’ll see that almost all of them have fabulous clutches by their sides.

2. Retro Vintage Shades for Every Occasion

Everyone needs a great pair of shades, and celebs are all lining up to get on the vintage sunglasses bandwagon. It all started with aviators, and now you can see cat eye shades and round shades coming back as well!

3. Floppy Hats

The days of fake bakes are gone, but keeping your skin protected and out of the harmful UV rays from the sun is definitely in! And that makes the floppy hat the perfect accessory for any girl. If it’s summer and you’re heading to the beach, you’ll need a straw floppy to look chic and cool. For cooler climates, the wool version is just as cute and appropriate. Check out these floppy hats.

4. Oversized Watches

For a while, celebs were wearing small watches, but the in look today is a watch too big for your arm! In other words, head to the men’s section when you buy your next time piece. The bigger and bolder the watch, the better.

5. Scarves

Scarves are tried and true, and they’ve been popular with your favorite female celebrities even clothing while pregnant for decades. But that doesn’t mean they’re not still relevant! You can always spot a star with a darling scarf around her neck or draping her shoulders at an event.

In the end, remember that celebrity style is something you can look at and either choose to like or dislike. You ultimately decide the accessories you like and the styles you want to wear. So use celebs as a caliber for what’s in and what’s hot, but don’t forget that something is not necessarily right for your unique style just because you saw a celeb wearing it!

Best Netflix Movies 2015

Best Movies to Watch on Netflix

There are thousands and thousands of movies available for instant streaming to your computer, television, or mobile device through Netflix. However, determining the best movies to watch on Netflix comes down to a matter of personal preference. Below, you can find some recommendations based on popular genres.
Drama: The Hunt
Although you will spend most of your time reading the dialogue unless you understand Danish and Polish, this film is sure to touch your heart. It stars Mads Mikkelsen as a kindergarten teacher who experiences life-changing rejection after a young child in his class implies that he behaved inappropriately in his presence. Confronted by accusations of pedophilia, his family and friends shun him despite his innocence. This movie will stay with you long after it is over.
Comedy: Adventureland
While Adventureland certainly is not for everyone and some would say that the plot has been overdone, this is a role in which Jesse Eisenburg and his co-star, actress Kristen Stewart, truly shines. It is all about a recent college graduate named James who is incredibly excited about a trip to Europe that he has planned all of his life. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, his parents are unable to pay for the trip. He takes a job in an amusement park against his will, believing that his summer will be horrible and boring. Fortunately, James meets a quirky girl named Em and realizes that his summer might still have a little excitement after all.

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Horror: Misery 
Kathy Bates is an actor who folks either love or hate, but she plays her role as Annie Wilkes in Misery perfectly. A seemingly normal woman who is an avid fan of novelist Paul Sheldon (played by James Caan), Annie gets the chance of a lifetime when her favorite writer is in need of her help after an accident. Annie takes Paul in and tends to his needs, but she also turns a bit psycho when she does not approve of the direction Paul is taking in his latest novel. This nail-biter will make anyone cringe – probably since it is based on a book by beloved author Stephen King.
Romance: Silver Linings Playbook
Silver Linings Playbook stars Bradley Cooper as Pat Solatano, a man with bipolar disorder recently released from an inpatient stay at a psychiatric hospital. He is also recently divorced, and his wants nothing more than to get his wife back. While living with his parents, Pat experiences a series of low points up until he meets Tiffany, a recent widow played by Jennifer Lawrence. She agrees to help him reunite with his wife, but she asks him to join her in a dance competition in return. This movie is sure to touch your heart, and Jennifer Lawrence took home an Oscar for Best Actress thanks to her role in this amazing film.
These films and others that are available on Netflix are certainly hidden gems. While they did not perform as expected in the box office, Netflix subscribers can attest that they offer a viewing experience unlike any other.

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How To Set Up A Home Movie Theater

Movie nights with your family and friends can be some of the best memories that you form. By creating a home movie theater, you’ll be able to take your next get together to a whole new level! Setting up a home movie theater is easier than you might think, and creating a space for watching your favorite films can be done with these simple steps:

Step 1: Find a Room To Designate As Your Theater
The first think you need to do is decide where you’re going to make your home theater. The room can be small or large, but it should definitely be dark. Windowless rooms and basements are perfect for home theaters because of this.
Looking to hire an electrician for your home theater setup? We recommend hiring one for the technical features of getting started.
Step 2: Get A Screen
One of the most important attributes of a home theater is a large viewing screen. (Otherwise you could just use the television or computer). This can be achieved in a number of ways, and they’re more affordable than you may think. Obviously, one route is to simply invest in a large screen television. Mounting it to the wall will make for epic movie nights. But you can also invest in a projector that is set up to film on a screen, a sheet, or even a blank white wall. It’s relatively low cost, and with a little technical know-how you’ll be up and running in no time! To really go above and beyond, you can set up speakers around the room so that your guests are given a surround sound viewing experience.
Step 3: Add Comfortable Seating
You’ll also need to have somewhere for you and your guests to sit. You can make the seating anywhere from super casual to formal. Bringing in a couch, some recliners, and maybe even bean bag chairs will add the comfortable elements that home theaters are able to hold over regular movie theaters. However, you can also get creative and fun with seating by using floor cushions, hammocks, bean bag chairs, or just about anything you can imagine for your space.
Set up your movie theater with bean bag chairs! Bean bag chairs are the best and most comfortable option for your friends and family to lounge around on when watching a movie. We recommend these bean bag style chairs.
Step 4: Make Sure Snacks Are Easily Available
If you want your home movie theater to be really amazing, you could invest in your very own popcorn machine to keep the buttery movie theater classic coming throughout the show. And unlike a real theater, you can keep it right in the room so you never have to miss a moment when you’re refilling. Placing bins of candy, chips, and other snacks near each of the seating sections is also a great way to give your guests the best at home movie screening experience possible. Finally, no movie theater would be complete without a steady supply of drinks and sodas, so keeping a mini fridge filled with your favorite beverages – from water and soda to beer and wine – will make your movie night one that your friends and family will remember for years to come.


A home movie theater is a great way to combine the best of both worlds. You get the comforts and freedom of a night in with your closest friends and family, but you also get the epic cinematic experience of watching a movie in a theater.

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